Rotary Club of Carlton

November 13, 2017

The Rotary Club of Carlton was established in 1985 and is one of 33,000 clubs worldwide, with a total of 1.2million members. We are a friendly and caring club and our aim is to do some good in the world and to make a difference. We work in partnership with organisations such UNESCO World Health Organisation (WHO) and philanthropic partners such as Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Australian Rotary Health and our own Rotary Foundation, to name just a few.

By working with WHO, Rotary has almost entirely eradicated polio from the world. Combating malaria is also one of our aims. We have also provided much needed support and relief at home in times of flood, drought, and bushfires.

We support residents and local associations within our Carlton neighbourhood and are actively engaged in programs for mental health, the provision of scholarships and educational and leadership opportunities for young people, and sports training for children.

We welcome all enquiries and applications and we may be contacted via our website: . An open invitation is offered to attend one of our regular meetings or a social function to learn more about Rotary and our club in particular.

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