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June 28, 2015


Open Sesame Workshop
The Carlton Work and Learning staff were joined by 10 job seekers in early August to discuss and learn the tricks of the trade to getting and keeping a job in the retail and food industries. The workshop, sponsored by the Victorian DHS Public Tenant Employment Program, was jam packed with activities and information to get job seekers thinking about the “must-have” skills necessary to be marketable to an employer.

The workshop focused on group interview techniques, aptitude tests and building rapport with an employer. Participants were asked to imagine what an employer looks for and how particular job seeker actions and answers can influence an employers decision on whether they give them a
go or not.

Quick Tip: Encouraging job seekers to imagine themselves in the employer’s shoes can be quite a paradigm shift and often results in positive and lasting behavioural/attitude changes.

Recruitment Drives
The Carlton Centre has been a busy place over the past six week with a number of recruitment drives having taken place. Below is a snap shot of these activities and the results.

Recruitment Drive: Home and Community Care staff. Three candidates prepared and put forward. Result: Three job seekers placed into employment.

Recruitment Drive: (PTEP) Construction Administration Assistant. Two job seekers prepared and put forward. Result: One job seeker has been placed into employment.

Recruitment Drive: (PTEP) Maintenance Administration Officer. Five candidates prepared and put forward. Result: Two job seekers placed into employment.

Quick Tip: Carlton staff source and create a variety of industry specific aptitude “tests”. These tests have proven to be extremely useful in assessing which job seekers meet the employer’s competencies and in identifying job seeker skills gaps. Job seekers are encouraged to fill any identified gaps with further training.

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