Carlton Future Gardens Fundraising Campaign

August 12, 2015

We have launched an online campaign to raise money for the Carlton Neighbourhood Learning Centre (CNLC) where we work.

If you’re still reading, then you just may be interested to know what we’re raising money for.  Heaps of info can be found at our Chuffed campaign page:

You can go to that link to make any donations for any amount that is within your comfort.

Donations of $50 or more will grant you entry to our fundraiser party.  If that seems steep please keep in mind that this will be a whole day event on Sunday 13th September 2015 with non-stop entertainment, free food, photo booth, children and adult fun activities, art displays and more.

The event is family-friendly, children-friendly, disability-friendly, all races/colours/ethnicities/religions-friendly, etc

If you are wanting to attend but really can’t afford the $50 please contact Hala at and we can arrange something (particularly if you are a family wanting to attend and $50 per person is too much to pay).

The party is our way of inviting you to our centre to see our work for yourself.  You can show your support by donating any amount to our campaign with some simple clicks starting with this link:


If you’re still reading … here’s a summary of our work:


We are currently in the process of becoming a model sustainable house in the community.  We received some funds from the government to transform our garden and create a water recycling system (grey water system).  Through that an opportunity came up to expand our land – by doing so, we are now able to build a greenhouse and start a seedling project; build 8 community veggie beds; build a pergola/chill out space; and plant a fruit orchard.  It also means that we need a new fence to secure our garden/property (we’re on the corner or 2 major highways – Nicholson & Princes St).  We are a neighbourhood house and adult learning centre – that means we are all about the community and creating educational pathways to employment for socially disadvantaged people.   The government funding was not enough to do all this, so ….

Your money will allow us to (this list is based on us reaching our target of $30,000):

  • finish all our construction works – new fence, new toilets (with full disability access and ablution space), pergola, outdoor classroom and a bike shed (to kickstart a social enterprise project and better our chances of creating employment pathways for our existing students)
  • engage the community in painting our fence and toilets – the images will represent the community and have educational content about sustainability and how our garden works
  • employ a sustainability worker 1-2 days per week to actually make all this happen

If you donate large amounts as a business (see chuffed campaign for details) you will receive public acknowledgement and a huge thank you =)

If you have no money, but can donate your artistic skill for the party or food or gardening skills please contact me at

Thank you for your time and generous hearts

Hala Abdelnour  0478202677
Mary Parfrey 0409 472735

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