Catch Up For A Morning Cuppa

August 20, 2018

Carlton Neighbourhood Learning Centre runs Monday Morning Tea for older people living at 530 Lygon Street, Carlton. This program welcomes older residents of the Carlton public housing estate. Join us to have a chat with tea/coffee and food. Occasionally the group goes on excursions. Many regular members say that they don’t want to be alone or don’t want to stay in their room all day. This session gives them the opportunity to have a chat with neighbours, meet new people and have company. All residents of 530 Lygon st are welcome and if you know anyone who lives there, please let them know about these sessions.


Dates: Mondays excluding major holidays

Time: 10.00am-12.00pm

Cost: Free

For more information: please contact Carlton Neighbourhood Learning Centre on 9347 2739 or email

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