Goodbye for now!

May 7, 2019

The Carlton Community Website was launched in 2014 in response to the community expressing the need to improve information, access and connection across Carlton. The aims were to:

  • provide a digital meeting space for the community;
  • keep residents, workers, students and visitors informed about life and activities in Carlton; and
  • enrich community life by bringing people together.

This initiative was coordinated by the Carlton Neighbourhood Learning Centre (CNLC), which is the auspice agency for the website, and supported by the City of Melbourne. Unfortunately we have decided to close this website in favour of using social media platforms to continue to promote the amazing events, businesses and people in Carlton.

The website was designed to have multiple functions which in this changing media landscape have not been utilised. Over the past five years the main function of the site that has been used is the promotion of local events by a select number of organisations. This has now succumbed to too many scam emails which are difficult for administrators. The aspiration to have citizen journalism as the back bone driving content and promotion for the site has not eventuated, meaning it is often out of date or dormant. For these reasons the steering committee group have decided to close this website and utilise social media tools as a way to enhance Carlton’s connectivity.

CNLC and City of Melbourne are committed going forward to provide this function for the Carlton community. Using an existing facebook page ( we will continue to knit together and enable the community of Carlton to speak out. Logon and like facebook today. You are invited to promote your latest event, reflection of Carlton or highlight your local business. We look forward to this growing community of interested Carlton people to look out for each other and highlight how wonderful our suburb is. In the near future we will also launch a Carlton Community Instagram.

Contact CNLC on 9347 2739 if you have any queries.

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