Herlina Hadiz

September 21, 2016
Herlina Hadiz

Herlina Hadiz

Please tell us a little bit about yourself, Lina.

I started studying here [at CNLC] about 2 months ago. I really like to study in this place because I can see different people, from different cultures, from different levels of English. I get to know a bit more about the Melbourne area because I just moved from Perth about 5 months ago.

I like this school because there is not much stress; it is a very relaxed school. And because we can study while having fun, laughing to each other. Some people really speak English good, some people ask the teacher about the same question again and again, so we have to be patient if we know better than them. But of course I come here because I like it and I can improve my English more. I hear the teachers speaking English and watching videos. But it’s more interesting when we have a break time or lunch time. This is because we are just like a small family. We talk to each other around the park or on the table behind. I like talking to people, like my friend who is Japanese will ask: ‘where’s your country?’ or ‘why you come here?’ Things like that. As well, people from Africa. I like to ask how their country is. And how is their food, because I like to cook. There are many things. That’s why I like to come here.

Have you done any cooking here at CNLC?

Here, no, not yet. But I go to the library once a week. I think they are working together with [CNLC] in a partnership. So one week we went to a cooking class where we made different kinds of food from different countries, and a dessert, a nice dessert. For me, I like cooking Indonesian or something else. I am always watching TV about cooking. And I am cooking at home. But with dessert I am not quite good. I don’t know how to make a cake, so that’s why I like [learning] cooking.

So you came here from Indonesia, is that right?

Yeah. I came from Indonesia but we have moved a lot in different countries. I lived in Perth before, coming and going [between] Indonesia for 10 years and before that we moved to Singapore, to come back to Perth again, and now here in Melbourne. I think Melbourne is the best for me, because I came from Indonesia, which is really crowded. Everything I can find is there. But when I lived in Perth it was a little bit quiet for me, and then Singapore is too busy. Melbourne is a more fun city.

Is there anything else you would like to share?

I would like to do an art class, because before, I [had] learned painting. I did painting for three years, so it would be very good to do some art or maybe something like making jewellery, maybe some more cooking. I very like the garden area here too because I also like to do some gardening, but I just grow some flowers.

Maybe you could do some gardening here?

Yes, but now it’s too cold! Maybe when it is warmer!

Thank you, Lina

Ok yes, thank you.


Interviews conducted by Dale World, 2016.

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