Carlton Citizen Journalism Network

The Carlton Community Website relies on a media model consisting of a hybrid of professional journalism, contributor content and citizen journalism endeavours. This model is possible because the internet and new technology are putting storytelling tools in the hands of everyday people, and opening up spaces for more stories and more diverse perspectives to be shared online. But unlike open publishing platforms where users publish directly to the public, community members will be supported by media professionals to create content for the Carlton Community Website through the Carlton Citizen Journalism Network.

Upcoming workshops in 2016 

Details to come….

Interested in hosting a workshop?  

If you would like to host a citizen journalism workshop for your school, community group or organisation, please contact:

Hala Abdelnour
Community Development Coordinator, CNLC
Tel: 9347 2739 / 0478 202 677


The initiative invites media professionals to embed themselves in the community and work with citizen journalists from diverse backgrounds to tell their stories. To volunteer, please contact


  • Reply Tom Brok September 17, 2015 at 5:11 pm

    I am interested in contributing as a citizen journilist and wouylod very much like to be part of a group, with particular interest in learning from professionals. Just wondered where this is at. Are there any meetings planned, journalists, writers on board?

  • Reply Dawn V Kie November 17, 2017 at 11:45 am

    I would love to participate in activities on the Carlton Estate. I would love to create a before and after school care service as well as an occasional care service for parents whom find it difficult. Also opening an club for kids after school hours and during the school holidays would be a dream.
    I grew up here on the estate, I just find that 2017 THERE ARE ABSOLUTELY NO DISTRACTIONS/OUTLET/GET AWAY FROM HOME.
    Growing up during the 80’s -90’s there was a Man by the Name of Ernie Sims. (RIP 2017) whom dedicated his time after his career in boxing in Tasmania arrived in Melbourne and gave us a voice a place to hang out took us to places , events , camps , sight seeing that were unaffordable and brought us HOME. Ernie Sims also was a youth worker and an correctional worker without this man. Many people of generations surrounding my own would of died a long time ago/communication would be worse off. Opening somethingin Ernie’s name would be a dream. But, creating programs and giving youth of this estate will change the gaps between nationality
    .Miss Dawn Kie

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