Juan Du

September 21, 2016
Juan Du

Juan Du

Please tell us a little bit about yourself, Juan?

I come from China. When I came to Australia I never had English, and now I can speak like this. It is very good. I do an English class now [at CNLC]; it is very good in helping finding a job. It teaches for different kinds of jobs and policy. There are a lot of special classes for different things people are interested in.

Are you living now in the Carlton area?

I live in Collingwood. I walk for half an hour to come to CNLC. It is good exercise. I like living in the area, it is very convenient to go everywhere here.

Are you involved in other activities in the community?

I like artists, and I love to go to galleries. There are a lot around the area, in Johnston Street, Brunswick Street, very interesting. Different cultures, a lot of stuff. I very much like it.

Are you a painter?

Yes. This is my hobby, yeah! So very interesting!

Have you done painting here at CNLC?

Yeah before, we used to have one class for a short time. One day we had a celebration here, an exhibition for our drawings—my drawing! A very simple one, because I never went to a [art] school, I was learning, just doing it myself, a bit of drawing. The manager here said maybe there will be another class opened if there are more people interested in it.

Is there anything else that you would like to share?

Here I like it. I like the students are very friendly. It’s like one family. The teachers are like a family. Here we have coffee, it’s very good. Sometimes students get given some food to take home. I’m very happy here.
Thank you very much, Joanne.
Yes, thank you.


Interviews conducted by Dale World, 2016.

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