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October 7, 2015

We had a chance to introduce and road test our new website at the recent Carlton Collaboration Community Forum and were thrilled it was so well received.

We were able to get the community’s feedback on user experience, the things that worked and didn’t, and part of that process involved sharing thoughts and ideas via the comments section on the Carlton Community Website itself, which you can read in full here. While most agreed that the site looked great and was easy to navigate, there were some teething issues as well as suggestions for improvement, which we have duly noted, and are summarised as follows:

What’s On / Submit an event

  • The most pressing issue we uncovered were problems with submitting events to What’s On, which turned up an “Unauthorized Access: You do not have the rights to manage this Event” message. Please bear with us while we work on a fix.  [Oct 12 update: this issue has been resolved and you can now post events directly via our website] 
  • There is currently no option for recurring fortnightly events [Nov 2 update: Recurring events can be set by first choosing from “This event repeats” drop-down menu, choosing “daily”, “weekly”, “monthly” then input frequency. For example, to input a fortnightly event, Choose “weekly” and in the “every” box input “2” weeks etc.]
  • Unable to edit details or delete event listing after submission [Nov 2 update: To keep this an open platform, you can request for submissions to be deleted or changed by emailing carltoncommunitywebsite@gmail.com. Instructions are provided both in the submission form and in the confirmation email sent to users after a submission has been received.]
  • Suggestion to enable photos to be added by linking to an image url [Nov 2 update: We’re sticking to image uploads for now to ensure images will display correctly and not be affected by broken image/url links.]

Community directory / Submit a listing

  • There is currently no option to place listing under multiple categories [Nov 2 update: This issue has been resolved, but we’re working on making the options display more optimally]
  • Inclusion of new categories such as ‘Food and drink” [Nov 2 update: Resolved]

User experience

  • Type might be too small [Nov 2 update: Resolved]
  • Facebook icon on the top navigation bar was not prominent enough [Nov 2: A “Find us on Facebook” widget can be found on the right hand column of the homepage] 
  • Suggestion for an option to translate to other languages [Nov 2: We’ll revisit this down the track as the site develops] 
  • Too many options in the top navigation bar, some of which can be combined in a drop down menu [Nov 2: We’ve worked hard to keep things as simple as possible and believe these categories are essential to helping users navigate the website] 
  • The site would benefit from an email/contact page [Nov 2: This is now available in the drop-down link under “About Us”] 


We’ve also heard your suggestions about content you’d like to see featured on the website, which include:

  • Profiling those who do use and enjoy the website to encourage others who aren’t as confident to give it a go
  • Showcasing or profiling some local personalities and ‘ordinary’ people who live or work or study in Carlton and contribute to the community
  • Human interest stories

We are currently looking to pilot two to three citizen journalism workshops which we will be announcing soon and we hope to see some of these story ideas come to fruition as part of that.

Thank you once again for all who have input to this process and we’ll be back with more website updates as we develop.

In the meantime, if you would like to have an event listed on our website or require changes to the community directory listing, please get in touch with us by emailing carltoncommunitywebsite@gmail.com

Events listings can now be made directly via What’s On > Submit an event.

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