Victoria’s Volunteering Portal

June 28, 2015


Victoria’s Volunteering Portal was launched on 9 May 2010 as the new gateway to volunteering information, tools and resources for the Victorian public, and for Victorian community sector organisations.

Since its release, over 35,000 Victorians have visited the site and it has quickly become recognised as the entry point to volunteering in Victoria.

You may be aware that the portal will be launching a state-of-the-art volunteer opportunity matching service on 24 September 2010, which will include powerful functionality targeted to the needs of organisations, and current and prospective volunteers. Registrations are now open, and we are inviting not-for-profit organisations and Volunteer Resource Centres to submit their opportunities which will be advertised via the matching service upon its release. This will be a simple 2 step process:

1. Register your organisation
2. Submit your opportunities

To complete these steps, please visit

Organisations will benefit in a number of ways by registering on Victoria’s Volunteering Portal, including:

Using the new and powerful matching service to reach a greater quantity and quality of volunteers.
Owning a ‘lite’, easy to use portal webpage with a friendly URL.
Exposure of your organisation via the portal’s large-scale awareness and recruitment campaign, which will use TV and radio commercials, and print and online media advertising to promote Victoria’s Volunteering Portal.

Further benefits are outlined in our flyer. Click here to download the flyer.

In addition to this, we will randomly choose 50 organisations who submit opportunities by 13 September 2010 and pass on free poster design services to the value of $1000.

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